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Our Museums

Meet the Second City with more Museums in Mexico

Outstanding museums with extraordinary collections

In addition to playing an important educational role for the people, museums constitute microcosmos that allow visitors reconstruct their own realities under different spacial representations and notions of time, place and circumstance.

Manuel Felguérez Museum

Pedro Coronel Museum

Guadalupe Museum

Rafael Coronel Museum

Francisco Goitia Museum

The Zacatecan Museum

ZigZag Museum

Battle of Zacatecas Museum

University Science Museum

Zacatecas has been considered one of the cities with the largest number of museums in the country. Our museums span almost every field of knowledge and have been recognized for the extraordinary quality of their collections displayed in interesting venues with great historic, cultural and architectural value.

Some of our museums contain many universal pieces that establish time lines and take visitors from the remotest of civilizations (ancient Greece, Egypt and India), to Pre-Colombian, or Mexican colonial days, while others showcase contemporary scientific findings, and modern, evolutionary expressions of art.

Explore and share the magic of the museums in Zacatecas