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Zacatecas is Adventure!

If adventure and nature is what you want, come with us and discover what Zacatecas has for you!
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Zacatecas, romantic city of México

Come, get away to Zacatecas and enjoy the best experience in your life, in incredible places!

Come experience a real #RomanceDestination.

  • 1LOCATION- Practically in the heart of Mexico
  • 2SCENIC- Zacatecas has a strong European influence
  • 3HISTORICAL- Museums, Haciendas, Colonial-era Mansions, Hotels, Banquet Rooms, Gardens, and Wineries
  • 4CHURCHES- An authentic Jewel of Novo-Hispanic Baroque architecture

  • 5FESTIVE- Zacatecas has no shortage of festivity
  • 6UNIQUE- Seasoned with the spark of the city, the joy of its people, and the romance that envelopes everything
  • 7TALENT- Zacatecas is known for being a cradle of artistry
  • 8ATMOSPHERE- The bluest skies, starriest nights, and breath-taking sunsets
Say yes in Zacatecas!