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You will fall in love with Zacatecas at first sight...

As if taken from a chivalric romance, Zacatecas is a city to love at first sight. First of all, this state capital is pink, albeit not only one kind of pink, but countless shades of pink ranging from pale orange to wine-red... It is, without question, Mexico’s romantic city.

It is so well preserved that in 1993, UNESCO declared the entire city center a World Cultural Heritage Site for its exceptional attention-grabbing religious buildings and for being the perfect example of a city built with an irregular layout, without the rigidity of the typical grid found in other colonial cities.

Zacatecas Experience focuses on experiences that can be lived in the state; mainly in its capital city and the areas of all five ‘magical towns’.

It is divided into 7 theme experiences, each one with different ways to discover everything. These are not routes, nor are they itineraries; they are seven different ways of living and experiencing this destination.

Once you visit Zacatecas, you always come back...

Activities that inspire you to discover every corner of Zacatecas


Callejoneada Zacatecana

Arqueología Sideral


Mina El Edén

Tirolesa 840

San Bernabé en Cuatrimoto

Recorrido Campo Real Vinícola

Paseo en Carreta en Jerez

Ruta Vetagrande

Sabores de Jerez

Las Entrañas del Teatro Calderón

Romance en San Bernabé

Leyendas de Zacatecas
Leyendas con el Diablo
La Toma Tour Revolucionario
Tranvias Turísticos
Siguiendo los Pasos de Juan Pablo II
Tirolesa 840
Ciudad Mural en Cuatrimoto
La Bufa en Cuatrimoto
San Bernabé en Cuatrimoto (Corto)
San Bernabé en Cuatrimoto
Bracho Y Callejones en Cuatrimoto
Trenecito Cerro de la Bufa
El Minero Todo Terreno
Museo Casa del Inquisidor
Guadalupe Virreinal y Centro Platero
Del Subsuelo al Cielo Zacatecano
Recorrido Campo Real Vinícola
Corazón de Plata
Amor Torero
Running Tour 5k-10k
Tour Cervecera Modelo
Mina El Edén
Museo Colexion